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50 Cent lawsuit dismissed

50 Cent has claimed a legal victory after a lawsuit against his movie, 'Before I Self Destruct', was dismissed from court on Thursday (September 22).

Named after his 2009 album, the film was directed and written by the rapper, aka Curtis Jackson.

However, a writer called Shadrach Winstead claimed that the film was based on his book, 'The Preacher's Son - But The Streets Turned Me Into A Gangster'. 

Papers filed by Winstead's legal representatives stated: "In many cases, the content and word choice used by Defendants in their work is identical to that used in Plaintiff's book."

However, a judge dismissed the complaint in its entirey at a federal court in Newark, New Jersey.

50 Cent's legal representative welcomed the verdict and said: "With respect to the various specific phrases and lines which Winstead alleged that our client took from the book, we demonstrated that many were misquoted, manipulated or not in the movie at all and that, in any event, they were non-copyrightable short phrases or unpredictable expressions used in the 'street' such as 'get the dope, cut the dope.'"

Watch a promo to 50 Cent's 'Before I Self Destruct' movie, and watch him be interviewed about it by SFR Music below: