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5SOS will tour their new album: 'We'll try things we haven't before'

Australian pop-punk band 5 Seconds Of Summer took to their Twitter page earlier this morning for a question and answer session with their fans. 

When asked if there will be a new tour for the 'Sounds Good Feels Good' era, the heartthrobs confirmed that they are planning a live jaunt and it might be a little different from their previous stage runs: "100%, can't wait to tour this next album and try some things we haven't before."

The lads also revealed that their new record will be available to stream on Spotify, despite the fact that some artists including Taylor Swift have pulled their back catalogues from the service because of how it pays musicians, and they went onto add that they're incredibly proud of the new material they've been working on:

"I think we're more proud of the new album more then anything. Self-titled was an amazing moment in time for us though."

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Watch behind-the-scenes footage from their 'She's Kinda Hot' music video here:


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