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5SOS's Ashton got depressed on the road: 'I said, 'I f**king hate this''

Aussie pop-punk band 5 Seconds Of Summer are gearing up to release their new album 'Sounds Good Feels Good' on October 23 and member Ashton Irwin has revealed that while he's so proud of their collective achievements, he sometimes struggles with fame

Speaking to Australia's Daily Telegraph, the heartthrob explained that touring started to really take a toll on him to the point where he felt very depressed: "I told Luke, ‘I’m f**king depressed, I f**king hate this, we’ve been on tour for five months, I’m living out of this piece of s**t suitcase with only three wheels on it.'"

The star went onto add that he found comfort in the words of a friend who knows what it's like to spend time on the road as part of a touring band

"This friend of mine said when you are a musician and you are touring all the time and get to the level we are, you’re an astronaut. You go up and then you come back down to earth and you can’t really explain what is like up in space. Only your fellow astronauts get it. We try to talk to each other and try to pull each other through. You realise there are huge ups and huge downs. And it gets tiring, you know."

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