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Adam Levine says The Voice is "intense" and can be intrusive

Adam Levine has confessed that the kind of fame handed to contestants on The Voice is more intense than what he has experienced as part of the popular band Maroon 5.

In a new interview, the 'Moves Like Jagger' superstar explained that the transition from being almost unknown to finding yourself pushed into the spotlight in a very public way is stressful and he personally finds being on the television to be an intrusive experience:

"This has been very intense. I wasn't really expecting it. I was very used to what had been happening with me and the band for many years, so it takes some adjustments and I'm getting used to it."

"Things like being surrounded by people asking questions like this are a little bit new for me. But it doesn't really bother me very much and I stay relatively private most of the time so it's all good."




Watch an interview with Levine, in which he discusses his role on The Voice, below: