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Beth Sherburn says it is 'amazing' to have Lil Wayne on new single

Beth Sherburn was discovered whilst singing at work in a high street store and now, only a couple of years later, she is releasing a single featuring US rap icon Lil Wayne.

We caught up with the rising British singer to find out more about the track and her fairytale route into the music industry.

Your new single 'Joker' is out on September 21. What inspired the lyrics?

I think everyone can relate to 'Joker'. It's basically about having problems with a guy and thinking you're in a serious relationship and basically he's a player.

How did the Lil Wayne collaboration come about?

I was in a studio with a production team and they knew Lil Wayne's management, so they sent the track over and he loved it. It's quite amazing really that he's featured on the track. I'm so excited.

Do you think having him on the song will help to boost your profile?

I guess so, he's huge isn't he? The support I've had already has been amazing. Everybody seems to really like it and I'm getting good vibes from it.

Is the song reflective of your other new material?

I guess it is, yeah. It's urban-pop and I'm writing a lot of urban-pop at the moment, so the album is definitely on par with it. But I can't mention too much more.

Do you know when the album will land?

It'll probably be out next year. I'm such a perfectionist, everything has to be right.

You've already collaborated with Lil Wayne, but what other artists would you like to work with in the future?

There's so many, but there's Beyoncé - she's the ultimate diva and is an amazing performer - and I love Ed Sheeran and Alicia Keys.




You were discovered when you were singing whilst working in Debenhams - what was that like?

I couldn't believe it. I've always wanted to get into the music business - I've always worked hard behind the scenes - so I couldn't believe it when it happened to me at work. It was just before Christmas and I was singing away to Michael Bublé's 'White Christmas' and I was spotted by a record producer. At first I thought he was just messing around. He was saying 'you've got a fantastic voice and I'd love for you to come down to London and record some songs'.

He said he'd worked with people like Take That and Girls Aloud, so when I went home I looked him up and I thought 'oh my gosh, I can't believe this is actually happening'. I went down to London and I got a record deal from it. My life has definitely changed. It's given me an opportunity to work on my music and to work with many amazing people in the industry.

Had you ever thought about trying things like the X Factor before that?

I don't know, maybe. I've always tried to get into workshops and competitions, but I suppose, yeah. It's so hard to get into the industry I would probably would have. It's great exposure, isn't it?

What do you think your future holds?

I'm really excited for the future. I'm working on my album and I've still got a few festivals to do. I've just done London Pride and Birmingham Pride and I've just performed alongside amazing artists like Conor Maynard, so I just hope that I've got a future in music really. Travelling, working on music and working with amazing people is what I want to be doing.

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