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Camila Cabello on female friendship: 'It's important to be kind'

Camila Cabello has premiered a brand new promo video for a new initiative Project #YouDoYou, and opened up to Teen Vogue about female camaraderie.

Speaking to the publication, she said:

"I think that every girl has experienced this. We've experienced girl-on-girl hate, and we've also experienced girl-on-girl love, and there's nothing more painful than girls being against each other or friends being jealous or catty with each other. There's nothing more hurtful than that.

"But there's also nothing more beautiful or amazing than friendships between girls and that sisterhood. Those girl-on-girl relationships between each other that we have are really important. They can either be super hurtful or it could feel really amazing.

"And it could feel like a sisterhood, and it can feel very protective and caring and nurturing. I would rather it be the best thing ever than the most hurtful thing ever. So I feel like every girl has experienced both, and this is about the good part of that.

Last Friday (December 8) at iHeartRadio's Z100 Jingle Ball, the 20-year-old unveiled a video of herself introducing Project #YouDoYou.

The project is a joint venture between iHeartMedia and the media agencies Mindshare and Group M. Its aim is to promote a way for young women to "come together, support each other, and in the process make this world a stronger, kinder place."

Kicking off with the "kind comments campaign," the project promotes the idea that "behind every powerful girl is another powerful girl" encouraging young females to shape their lives via mentorship and through sharing their stories.

The idea is to inspire GenZ girls to lead positive lives and shape their aspirations by surrounding them with mentors who will provide inspiration, encouragement and advice. Participants will also be featured in original series meant to share stories and empower women nationally.

Watch Project #YouDoYou launch video which was uploaded on YouTube yesterday (December 11) below:

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