A guide to what will happen in the first five episodes of the new series of Celebs Go Dating

Programme information: Celebs Go Dating series 3

TOWIE boys James Argent and Bobby Norris are placing their fragile hearts into the hands of trusted matchmakers Nadia Essex and Eden Blackman, while MIC’s Georgia Toffolo (Toff), reality star Charlotte Dawson and TV presenter Sarah-Jane Crawford are all set to bare their souls to the celebrity dating agency. But are they ready for what the agents throw at them in front of the watchful eye of the public? The breath of fresh air that is receptionist Tom is back to offer a shoulder to cry on for the celebs that need it the most. We’re sure his head will be turned by the sparkling new eye-candy in the form of reality hunk Calum Best and former X-Factor contestant Frankie Cocozza who are sure to put Nadia and Eden through their paces. Can they find suitable women to tame these party boys or will they prove too much for even Nadia and Eden to handle? This series also brings the agency’s first gay client in the form of Bobby Norris but will they find him the man of his dreams?

Episode Guide

Episode One – Mon 4th Sept, 10pm 
The Celebrity Dating Agency is opening its doors to a brand-new bunch of single celebrities who are all looking for love. But the stars aren’t dating each other - they’re dating real people in the real world!

TOWIE star James ‘Arg’ Argent is slimmer & fitter than ever, and ready to find love under the watchful eye of agents Nadia & Eden. Ex on the Beach star & Les Dawson’s daughter Charlotte Dawson is looking for the father figure she so desperately craves; Georgia ‘Toff’ Toffolo from Made in Chelsea is desperate to find love outside SW3; Calum Best is keen to say “I love you” to someone for the very first time; & TOWIE’s Bobby Norris wants to put his dating drought to bed.

At the singles mixer event, the celebrity clients mingle with non-famous singletons and face the challenge of asking one of them out. Will Calum live up to his playboy image when he works the room? Will Charlotte bag a date in her barely-there spangly green hot pants? Will Arg wow the ladies with his new slimline look? On to their first dates, will there be any awkward silences or a first date kiss?

Episode two – Tues 5th Sept, 10pm 
Having joined the Celebrity Dating Agency, it’s time for the five brand new celebrity singletons to start dating. But these famous faces aren’t romancing each other, they’re dating the great British public.

Arg takes his first date for a curry, but will he ever stop obsessing with his food & focus on Yasmine? Charlotte Dawson’s out for cocktails with her bloke from the mixer, but will she ever get the snog she wants as her date won’t stop banging on about his ex?

Meanwhile, Toff is wined and dined by an Oxford Quantum Physicist PHD student, but having downed loads of shots at the Single’s Mixer, she can’t remember his name. Will Laurent woo Toff with his science chat? Will there be any chemistry at all?

Bobby Norris is worried that there’ll be awkward silences on his first date with Paul – will ‘bants’ be off the menu or will they both get verbal diarrhoea? And Calum Best, the Agency’s smoothest client to date, lays the charm on thick with Naomi, but will it be enough to make her fall under his spell?

Episode three – Wed 6th Sept, 10pm
The Celebrity Dating Agency is back with a brand-new bunch of Celebs dating a load of civilians.

Arg goes boating for his second date with Yasmine from the Singles Mixer, but in true Arg style, things don’t go quite to plan. Will his rowing win her over or will the date end in a damp squib?

Toff tells the agents that she wants to date “someone who dances on tables” so they send her on a blind date with a stripper. She goes to Wales to meet her mystery man, but will the sight of his abs do the business or will his ‘chopper’ chat send her over the edge?

And whilst Calum Best might be the don of dating, agents Eden & Nadia want to push Calum outside of his comfort zone & send him on a date with Louise who isn’t his usual type. Will she succumb to Calum’s charming chat? And how will Calum react when she reveals that they have actually met before?

Episode four – Thurs 7th Sep, 10pm
The five celebs are still on the hunt for a perfect date and agents Nadia & Eden are determined that the new batch of famous faces will find love.

Tonight, they send Charlotte Dawson on a blind date. She has no idea she’ll be hooking up with Shauny from the mixer. Will it be second time lucky for her date? Or will Charlotte’s head be turned when she eyes up some fresh meat?

Bobby Norris is on a roll as he goes on date number two with Paul. Nadia & Eden have given Bobby clear instructions on how to bag a kiss, but will Bobby bottle it or will he go in for the kill?

With two disastrous dates under her belt, ‘Made in Chelsea’s Toff, is desperate for her next one to go well. The agents have set her up with Benjie, who shares her passion for politics & whose favourite TV show is Question Time. With so much in common, what could possibly go wrong?

The five celebs are well and truly immersed in the dating scene and tonight they’re branching out in a bid to find true love.

So far, Arg has been on two dates with Yasmine from the mixer, but he’s binned her off and the agents pair him up with 20 year-old Holly from Essex. Will it be a match made in gourmet heaven or will things take a turn for the worse when the restaurant doesn’t stock her favourite condiment?

Episode five – Fri 8th Sep, 10pm
Charlotte Dawson is still on the hunt for her perfect fella, but will 28 year-old James from Leeds hit the spot? As he’s training for a body-building contest, he’s on a strict diet & regime, but will Miss Dawson work her charm and lure him to the dark side?

And having had two great dates and a kiss with Paul, Bobby Norris is also off to pastures new. It’s a first date with 27 year old Jack from Hampshire and a first try of oysters for the pair – will they work their aphrodisiac magic or will Bobby end up doubled up on his date?

Production Company: Lime Pictures
Executive Producers: Tamsin Dodgson, Toni Ireland, Sharon Powers & Colin Whitaker
Commissioning Editors: Dominic Bird & Kate Maddigan
Series Director: Phil Ashton
Series Producers: James Lessell, Rebecca McLaughlin & Gareth Walker

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