New clips from tonight's 'Derry Girls' which airs on Channel 4

(The second episode of Derry Girls airs tonight on Channel 4 at 10pm)

Channel 4’s hit new comedy returns tonight, with three new embeddable clips here.

Derry Girls is penned by acclaimed writer Lisa McGee who has mined her own experiences to create a candid, one-of-a-kind, family-centred comedy set against the spectre of The Troubles.

It’s the early 90s, and Erin and her friends are used to seeing their country on the nightly news and speaking in acronyms (The IRA, The UDA, The RUC). It’s a time of armed police in armoured Land Rovers and British Army check points. But it’s also the time of Murder She Wrote, The Cranberries, MJ and Lisa Marie, Doc Martens, bomber jackets, The X Files, Nirvana and Wayne’s World. And while The Troubles may hang over her home town, Erin has troubles of her own.

Warm, funny and honest, Derry Girls takes a look at the everyday lives of ordinary people living in extraordinary times.

Watch the clips below:

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