Monty Halls and family to explore The Galapagos for Channel 4

In a brand new 3x60’ series for Channel 4, conservationist and broadcaster Monty Halls will return to his favourite place on earth – The Galapagos Islands – but for the first time he will not be adventuring there alone. His wife Tam and their two young daughters, five year old Isla and three year old Molly, will be joining him for a once in a lifetime experience.

In 1978 The Galapagos Islands were designated a UNESCO World Heritage site, signifying their unprecedented importance to the world. Forty years on, the Halls family will investigate the wonders and challenges that both define and threaten this awe-inspiring jewel of nature.

As a family they will have extraordinary wildlife encounters and life-changing experiences, living alongside creatures that can be found nowhere else on earth. But at a time when the islands are at a crossroads – with the human population expanding, plastic waste infesting seas and washing up on shores, invasive species and illegal fishing threatening the islands more than ever before – they will also learn first-hand what is being done to protect The Galapagos Islands, one of the most incredible places in the world.

Monty Halls said: “This is once in a lifetime stuff. For the boy who was so inspired by My Family and Other Animals to become the man who takes his own family to live in the most remarkable archipelago in the world, is beyond measure. The adventurer in me must also temper such excitement with the realities of living on a group of volcanic islands, 600 miles out into the Pacific Ocean – this will of course present many challenges to us as a family. But to see the islands and its incredible animals through the eyes of my kids and my wife, to face those challenges together whilst sharing the wonders of The Galapagos makes it all worthwhile.”

My Family and The Galapagos was commissioned for Channel 4 by Features commissioning editor Lizi Wootton. The series will be made by Seadog TV & Film Productions with Motion Content Group. Monty Halls will executive produce for Seadog and Melanie Darlaston for Motion Content Group.

Watch Galapagos footage below:

February 20, 2018 12:16pm ET by Channel 4  

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