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Chipmunk struggled with pressures of fame

UK rapper Chipmunk admitted that he suffered the stress of the spotlight at the start of his career.

Speaking exclusively to Radio 1’s Newsbeat, the ‘Oopsy Daisy’ star revealed: 

 “The little success that I have encountered came at a very young age,"

“I had to take a step out and see, not what was going wrong, but what would make me happy again."

He has learnt from his experiences and said of his new record, which will be released in 2011, that:

“In terms of a number one or top 10, success is always nice but the moment comes and goes and you're on to the next thing."

“The main thing for me is it shows growth and development from the first record."

 Watch Chipmunk talk about the strains of the industry and the processes of his new album here: