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Christina Aguilera on how she blows off steam: 'I stop for a second and shoot paintball guns'

Songstress Christina Aguilera has confessed that she loves to shoot paintball guns in order to de-stress and it has become quite an event in her household. 

She told Jay Leno on 'The Tonight Show' that she even got her music duo A Great Big World involved in the proceedings and let them run riot in her garden:

"I invited them over after the AMA performance. I was like c'mon let's blow off some steam, let's celebrate and let's shoot off some paintball guns in the backyard."

"'Cause they were like 'oh my gosh, I can't believe all this is happening to us, how do you deal with all the stress and the chaos?' and I was like, 'you just gotta stop for a second and just shoot'."

She also spoke about female empowerment and added that she loves how tough females really are, especially in male dominated careers: “You know I think, us women, we like to make men feel like they run the show but we’re the inner workings. It’s tough being a woman in a man’s environment…we hold our own though.”






Watch Aguilera and A Great Big World perform 'Say Something' together below: