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Conor Maynard on Liam Payne's solo material: 'He's taking the R&B route'

Singer and vlogger Conor Maynard has revealed that he has been involved in some writing sessions that are connected to One Direction's Liam Payne and his highly anticipated solo project. 

Chatting to Britain's Daily Star newspaper, Maynard explained that he believes the 1D heartthrob is close to finishing his debut solo album and has always wanted to write for him:

"We have had sessions where we wrote stuff that can go to Liam Payne, for his album, because every now and then we do a session that won’t be for me, it will be for someone else and Liam Payne is someone we have wanted to write for. I haven’t actually spoken to him in a while, I don’t know how close he is to finishing his stuff but I don’t think it will be long now."

He added: "The guys I’m working with have sent off tracks to him that he’s heard, he might not know it was me who wrote it though. He is taking the R&B route. By what I’ve heard it is very much that style. I heard tracks he has been sent to record for it and they’re good.”

Back in November, producer James Newman teased that Payne's solo material has a distinct Justin Timberlake vibe: "It’s an urbany funky type of thing, JT vibes, it’s early days but it’s fun."

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Watch footage of Conor Maynard singing below:

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