DIDI-Female Music Producer turned Artist throws away the rule book

Lauren Deakin Davies launches DIDI @iamdidimusic

Pretty punkish - and other antidotes to perfect and polished expectations
‘Fiercely provocative art-pop… energetic with a neo-punk edge’ - The Revue
‘Part art-pop and another part '90s alternative, but the sum is exhilarating’ - Angry Baby

An exciting new artist has just dropped into the female solo scene literally overnight. DIDI announced her arrival on Monday 20th March 2017, with her self penned, self recorded and self released debut single ‘Sorry’ catching the eye and ear of a number of music blogs as well as independent radio stations and local Hertfordshire based newspapers. However, this artist, better known as producer Lauren Deakin Davies, (a full member of the respected Music Producers Guild no less, aged 21) has been in bands since she was 10 years old. So she is no stranger to the stage or studio. But this incarnation to DIDI (a play on words originating from an abbreviation of her surname) is quite different to anything she has produced in her studio.

Deliberately lo-fi and distorted, this song is the antidote to the pretty, perfect and polished culture in which she finds herself on a daily basis. The track has a punkish rawness, and is created with just guitar, no percussion or additional instrumentation, yet, owing to her production skills, sounds about as far as you get from a traditional chart friendly acoustic ‘girl and a guitar’. And yet, it has been getting such a great reception, with no professional PR help and a completely independent release, that it begs the question – is the music market ready for something that is more authentic, honest and organic? A genuine breath of fresh air?

DIDI has a number of self penned tracks which she is recording, with a distinctive electric guitar sound and raw lyrics, tinged with a charming sense of humour and irony. She plans to release another single in April and an EP early Summer.

DIDI believes that it’s about time that women are championed and represented properly in the media from both sides of the mixing desk, although she would prefer that this was not necessary – that being a female producer or singer songwriter need not have a gender ‘element’. This latest career development offers her a chance to throw away the rule book and create her own music which is clearly resonating, while still enabling other musicians to present their art to the music industry via her much revered production skills.

If you would like to interview DIDI aka Lauren Deakin Davies about her music or her production career please get in touch. Lauren was recently involved in Laura Marling’s Reversal of the Music project and has had a number of tracks she engineered and produced in entirety played on BBC Radio 2 and 6 Music, as well as glowing reviews for five albums she has produced over the last three years in The Culture Magazine for Sunday Times, and a recent 4* Album of the Week in Mail on Sunday, among many others. Lauren is happy to offer her views on any aspect of the music business, or perhaps you would like to help by simply sharing the soundcloud link of the debut recording (which is out on Friday 24th March) or get in touch about an exclusive video share?

Please email helenmeissner@hotmail.co.uk about any of this. 

Notes Editors
A psychedelic kaleidoscopic art edit effect and one is a live performance of the song. Please get in touch if you would like to premiere either of these (and see a private link to assess). We also have a soundcloud link which is the only method currently of hearing the track. It is going to be released on Friday 24th March on the usual digital platforms. 

March 21, 2017 9:26am ET by DIDI  

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