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Demi Lovato cuts workload after rehab

Demi Lovato has revealed that her team have been taking more care over her workload after she underwent treatment for a number of personal problems.

The singer and actress had entered rehab as she battled problems which included eating and self-harm - but she is now seemingly on the right track.

Speaking to BBC Newsbeat, Lovato revealed that her crew are being more careful with her workload as she returns to normality. She said:

"I notice people do treat me differently. People I work with, they're more cautious of the workload that I have. I feel almost like I'm being treated more like a human being now, because before it was so easy to be treated like a product. I definitely feel like people are being more respectful of my workload and the pressures this career can put on you."




Watch Demi Lovato being interviewed earlier this year below: