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Elbow want to rock the dead with their St. Paul's gig

Elbow are set to perform in the crypt of London's St. Paul's Cathedral tomorrow, May 26, and singer Guy Garvey has said he hopes to get the dead "grooving".

Talking to Absolute Radio, the frontman explained that the exciting location is home to the remains of some iconic figures in history and it would be great to get their spirits rocking:

"Wellington's down there; John Donne, the poet, is down there; Turner, the painter, he's down there; and Christopher Wren himself is down there as well."

"[When Elbow play I hope they'll be] grooving. As much as one can groove to our music."

The crypt is underneath the famous Cathedral and the 'Grounds For Divorce' band's performance will be broadcast on Absolute Radio from 7pm on June 5. Garvey is a big admirer of the exclusive space and explained its appearance:

"I think it's great, you know. I've seen some pictures of the room and it should be really special. It's sort of full of columns, obviously supporting the floor of the building above, but there's some pretty famous people interred down there"

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