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Fall Out Boy on split: 'We fight like siblings, literally.'

'Centuries' rockers Fall Out Boy have been enjoying a great resurgence of success lately and Pete Wentz has opened up about the reasons that led them to announce a three-year hiatus.  

Speaking to Britain's The Guardian newspaper, the star explained that there were many contributing factors and they ended up creating a collective problem that was, at the time, too big to face:

"There were so many little things, little moments. We put out a strange record (2008’s 'Folie a Deux') and we weren’t really talking to each other at that point. There were too many interviews about my personal life that were getting in the way of everything. The communication just broke down. Everyone goes through patches but if you don’t talk about it, it can become really malignant. We felt under-appreciated by some of the fans."

"Life ebbs and flows, and that’s how it is for bands too. Fall Out Boy is like a big chaotic machine. We play around the world and we’re constantly jet-lagged. We went through 12 or 14 years of just non-stop, not having time to process what we’re going through. But I think that in taking time out we realised that those other three people are the only other people who experienced that, and it’s like a band of brothers. We fight like siblings, literally."

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Watch Fall Out Boy's new music video for 'Irresistible' below: