Shota Lodi Falls Into Romantic Reverie in New Music Video "So Good"

L.A. singer-songwriter SHōTA Lodi falls into romantic reverie in new music video “So Good”.

After taking home $400 in gambling winnings at a pachinko parlour in Tokyo, SHōTA Lodi picked up his first guitar and got his music career well and truly rolling.

Upon returning to Los Angeles, the 23-year old got to work on his first project, Out Of The Blur, wrapped his first tour, and is currently in the process of polishing his debut EP Don’t Press Rewind. Lifted from the long-awaited debut and produced by close friend and fellow artist, Abhi the Nomad, “So Good” comes loaded with snappy hooks, silver-toned vocals and an important underlying message.

Directed by Derrick Janniere (Justin Timberlake and Pitbull) and starring the the singer himself, the video sees SHōTA Lodi rescuing leading lady Lauren Blake from the clutches of a vain former lover, before drifting arm-in-arm through the streets of Sunset Blvd. Talking about the video, SHōTA has said “It’s about inner beauty: there are these constant social pressure to look perfect. This video says ‘I don’t care about the facade’. I see through all of that and am attracted to the real you. And if people don’t like the real you, why bother trying to convince them? No gimmicks, just you, exactly the way you are”.

Don’t Press Rewind arrives early next year.

Watch “So Good”:

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