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Fifth Harmony chat to Pressparty about their second album and career goals

Yesterday, Pressparty caught up with Dinah Jane and Camila Cabello from Fifth Harmony to talk about their plans for the rest of the year and they revealed to us that they will be back in the studio before the end of 2015 to start work on the follow-up album to their debut, 'Reflection'

You only released your debut album 'Reflection' earlier this year, but do you have any plans in mind for your next record? Is that something you've all had time to think about yet?

Dinah Jane: “Well, first of all we’re super happy that everyone’s enjoying ‘Reflection’ out there, but we’re eventually going to start work on a new album by the end of this year! Just popping back into the studio and getting back into the grind… just creating. Creating a new sound and trying a new direction." 

Have you discussed what kind of sound you want to go for this time around? 

Dinah Jane: "We’ve been talking about the direction – The girls and I have talked about what direction we want. We always try to… real lyrics and real instruments in there. Maybe like the Destiny’s Child vibe, we’d be fine with that. Sticking to our Spice Girls personality (laughs). Those are actually our biggest inspirations. Two biggest inspirations to us are Destiny’s Child and Spice Girls… so we’ve got a bit of U.S. and UK combined. We’re still going through the creative process. We’ll see what happens when the time gets closer!”

We also asked the two stars what they would be doing if they weren't members of the fantastic girl group and they both had alternative career paths in mind. 

Camila: “I think, for me, I’d probably… what would I do? When I was little, I would write a lot and I wanted to write a book. Well, I still do. I remember I wrote one when I was little called ‘Magictopia’, and I would always write stories so maybe being a novelist would be cool. I would probably try that.” 

Dinah Jane: “I attended a performing arts school because I’ve always loved the arts, and so maybe I’d be playing classical music. I love piano… I’d still be in the arts.” 

What about acting? Is that something you’d be interesting in pursuing? 

Dinah Jane: “Yes! I did that, too! Acting is so much fun. The girls… actually Camila does a lot of improv. Camila and Normani do a lot of improv together in their free time! I think we should do an actual show, that would be awesome.”

The beauties' brand new single 'Worth It' is now available from iTunes and the track climbed an impressive 48 places on the UK Official Singles Chart this afternoon to sit at No.3. The final position will be confirmed in the UK tomorrow (Friday, July 10). 

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Watch 5H's recent performance on the Jimmy Kimmel Show below: