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Jennifer Hudson's fiance wants weight-loss to stop

Singer and actress Jennifer Hudson has revealed that her fiancé David Otunga has told her to stop slimming after she shed 80 lbs.

With the help of WeightWatchers, Hudson has dropped four dress sizes in less than two years, but it seems that not everyone loves her new look.

She said: "I haven't actually caught up with how I look. Some people don't like it so much and tell me to stop.

"My fiance tells me not to lose more - he likes me very basic, no make-up, no heels, no fuss. I think both of us are still struggling to come to terms with this new me. He'll tell me not to dress up, but I tell him to get used to it."

She added: "Honestly, I want to stay at this weight. I don't want to lose any more.

"I'm more concerned with not losing more (than gaining). If I stick with the Weight Watchers plan then I'll have no problem. I think I'll be this size for the rest of my life."

Watch Jennifer performing her new single 'Where You At' on TV show 'The View' below: