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Kate Bush cuts cherished names from song

Kate Bush has admitted that there's an unfortunate change to one of her newly re-recorded tracks for 'Director's Cut', but there was nothing she could do to stop it. 

The forthcoming album will be made up of new versions of Bush's older songs and she revealed to Mojo magazine that she was forced to take out some of the lyrics to 'Moments of Pleasure' because of timing issues, but the parts she cut included names of loved ones:

"It wasn't deliberate... When I went to re-do the piano... I didn't quite make it long enough. So, er, there you go. And it seemed all right as it was. It wasn't that I deliberately took people out at all."

'Director's Cut' will be released in the UK on May 16 and you can watch her new video for the reworked version of 'Deeper Understanding' here: