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Katy B reveals 'Crying for No Reason' video

Katy B has released the video for her upcoming single 'Crying for No Reason'.

The singer is due to unleash the track soon from her forthcoming album 'Little Red', which will hit shelves on February 3.

The Brit has now released its promo clip, with Katy B seen looking elegant in a red jumper.

She is seen performing the track as a number of bright lights shine on around her.

Speaking earlier this year about the sound of her new album meanwhile, Katy B said: 

"There's a few more songs [that] you can imagine me singing in my bedroom rather than in the middle of a dance floor. When I was 18 or 21, it was very much a feeling of freedom. I'm free to be exactly who I am. And my parents aren't telling me what time to come home at night! And I think this album is more focused on love and relationships and reality as well…having to think that you have to go throughout life, [and] sometimes you don't realise you have to fight for your happiness."






Watch the video below: