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Liam Payne on claims he ripped off Shaggy for 'Strip That Down'

Liam Payne has hit back at unfair suggestions that he ripped off Shaggy for his 'Strip That Down' hit.

The star's track, which was one of the most streamed of the summer, does actually credit Shaggy - real name Orville Burrell - as one of the songwriters, along with 15 other named contributors.

Payne revealed that everyone pinches bits of tracks from other artists all the time, so it's not really a big deal anymore as long as it's all handled with their knowledge and permission.

Speaking at a party to launch Vodafone’s new brand VOXI in London’s Brick Lane on Thursday night (August 31), he said:

“The funny thing is, Shaggy wrote it from somewhere else first, because there are so many writers for Strip That Down. Shaggy had taken one part, which is a part of the evolution of the song.

“There’s only so many chords and ways you can say things that have already been said."

The 24-year-old singer has also revealed that he recorded his first child's pulse when he was born and has been trying to figure how to use it ever since.

Payne, who's girlfriend Cheryl gave birth to their son Bear earlier this year in March, says that when he does figure out a way to use it, it will be an "emotional" song. He admitted:

"I have recorded Bear's heartbeat and I want to use it in a song. But it's so fast so it will be the fastest rave song ever- an emotional rave song about my son."

The One Direction star is still putting together his debut solo album and says that he wants it to be perfect, so won't be rushing its release. He said:

"I don't think I would do what Niall has done and tour before the album, I think I'll have my album out first. 

"I've been last out of the boys the whole way and I think that was because I just wanted to make sure I took my time and was happy with everything. 

"I'm the tortoise of the 1D guys. I'm looking forward to touring and can't wait to get back on the road."

Little is known about the songs on the album, which will include 'Strip That Down' and his recent track 'Get Low' with the DJ and producer Zedd, but we're pretty sure Liam Payne fans all over the globe are patiently waiting in excitement!

Watch Liam Payne being interviewed below:

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