Nastyelgic & Tilt Shift Records Sign to Forbes Music

The New Jersey hip hop recording artist and label owner recruited the company to oversee marketing operations for his latest single "Killin' Hip Hop" and his (yet to be named) upcoming album.



For Immediate Release - April 7, 2015 -- Forbes Music announced today (April 7) that hip hop recording artist Nastyelgic plans to release his upcoming debut studio LP, under Forbes Music. The first single off the yet to be named debut album "Killin' Hip Hop" is already in stores. Nastyelgic has recruited award winning producer Madd Focus, who was also influential in his move to Forbes Music, to produce the follow up single to his debut, according to the label. "Killin' Hip Hop" is due to make it's impact on radio in July of 2015.

Nastyelgic is also hard at work with his older brother, who will be the main producer behind his LP. Ja'Ron "Jaronamo Beats" Jackson is also the genius producer behind "Killin' Hip Hop". "I work with him on all my projects. He is my right hand for producing, and when I do shows he's the drummer in the live band," said Nastyelgic about his brother.

When asked about his new deal with Forbes Music, Nastyelgic described it as heaven on earth; a deal with no contracts and no restrictions. "For an artist it allows you to actually be an artist instead of being an industry puppet. Having the opportunity to be independent means that you make or break yourself; it's either you got it or you don't," he said. "When Madd Focus contacted me back, and I was able to speak with them I was pretty much sold after that."

"Forbes Music's status of achievement is where I would like Tilt Shift to be. I'm grateful for the opportunity to be mentored by someone who has the experience in doing so," he said. "Make no mistake, I'm not trying to emulate Forbes Music exactly. If that were the case there would be no purpose for "Tilt Shift Records". By joining Forbes, Tilt Shift Records will now have a solid foundation to build on in order to have its own place in the music industry."

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