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Marina and the Diamonds are "less focused on success" with new album

Marina Diamandis has revealed that she's "less focused on success" this time around with her forthcoming sophomore album. 

The talented singer, who fronts Marina and the Diamonds, explained to BBC's Newsbeat that commercial triumph was the last thing on her mind when working on the band's new music and she is more concerned with the musicality and presentation of it.

"This time I'm much less focused on success, on being popular and sales. I'm much more focused on creating something people can enjoy and in years to come they can go back to it and look at it online or have a CD of it."

She will release new single 'Radioactive' on October 3 and admitted that the new record is more of a concept piece and will be accompanied by a strong set of visuals:

"Basically I've decided to create a living film which is called Electra Heart. It's like an album but each song has a video with it. I really love making videos. Part one is online now - it's called fear and loathing. Radioactive is part two - it's inspired by Greek mythology but ties in with Americana and 70s movies."

Watch her video for 'Part 2: Radioactive' here: