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Marina and the Diamonds star says that she is "liberating" herself on her new album

Marina Diamandis, the singer of Marina and the Diamonds, has said that she is liberating herself on her second album, 'Electra Heart'.

In an interview with Alexia Loundras from the Independent, she says:

"I feel in my own way I'm liberating myself and redressing things that I probably should have done a long time ago"

This is in light of the blogpost, entitled '*I HATE POP*', she wrote last year in which she addresses the failures she thought she faced after her first album, 'The Family Jewels':

"This industry = one, long, fake cringe fest. I feel like diving into a k-hole of cheetos and beer. I feel like an impostor/try-hard & awkwardly out of place in the world of pop... I wish I was back in my room in 2007 making cds in peace, not having people say 'oh you're not very successful"

The 'I Am Not A Robot' singer told Loundras that she wanted to divorce herself:

""I just wanted to divorce myself," she says now, rolling her eyes and cringing slightly. "I was so tired. I'm either on top of the world or I just think everything has gone down the tubes. It's so easy to pick on the bad things because you're so nervous about it working out – you want it so badly.""

Check out the videos below of the webchat that Marina did yesterday (October 7). She answers questions from fans about her new album, her alter-ego, Electra Heart, and how she wants to be the goth version of Britney Spears: