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Maroon 5 break U.S. chart record

Adam Levine's band, Maroon 5, have made history in the USA after their latest single, 'Daylight', peaked at No.1 on the Billboard Pop Songs chart.

The fact that the track is now at the top spot means that Maroon 5 have become the first group to achieve 3 No.1 singles from the same record in 20 years. The other songs of theirs that achieved the same feat are 'Payphone' and 'One More Night'.

Ace of Base were the last act to match this record in America back in 1994 when their hit 'The Sign' went to No.1.

Levine, meanwhile, took to his Twitter page last night (March 25) and told his followers that he had a lovely bath, then returned to the social networking site to joke that he didn't ingest the bath salts and only poured them into the water:

"I love you epsom salt. You make my muscles and bones feel good. Clarification: I was referring to taking an Epsom salt bath. Not ingesting it. Please do not do that."





Watch the band's video for 'Daylight' here: