10 Tracks That Made Sugur Shane

We caught up with Philadelphia based, Hip-Hop influenced House star Sugar Shane to find out the '10 Tracks That Made Sugur Shane’.

Razor N Guido - Men Beat Their Men


Ahhhhhhhhhh probably the first track with heavy drums that I heard. Combining drums with a dark voice speaking of such desire.

Danny Tenaglia - Elements


The melody is truly hypnotizing and to this day there is nothing else like it.

Amuka - Appreciate Me


Offer Nissim – That’s The Way I Like It


Madonna – Mother & Father (Peter Rauhofer)


I group the three of these tracks together for one place - ROXY! Roxy NYC groomed me as an artist and basically brought out my passion in House music. These are all Roxy classics in my opinion that Peter Rauhofer would play during his residency.

Club 69 feat. Kim Cooper - Drama


Drama described everything I was going through at the time of producing my first track. I did my own version of drama, which got some plays in the club and that spurred me to kept going.

Junior Vasquez feat. Franklin Fuentes - If Madonna Calls


Still have the double disc vinyl obviously. I mean a Junior Vasquez production with bitchy vocals by Franklin Fuentes, not to mention an unauthorized voicemail from Madonna???? Do I need to say anything more?

Roula - Lick It


I heard this on the radio and thought to myself this is amazing! It’s so wrong and so right! The beat is addictive and if you play this anywhere, the crowd will light up.

Lula - Men = Drugs (Friburn & Urik Remix)


Another Lula track I had to include. High Energy and will keep you sweating with the thought of drugs. Men are drugs - it’s simple!

Johnny Vicious feat. Lula – Ecstasy (Take Your Shirts Off)


One of the first tracks that made me want to produce House music. Lula has been a massive influence on my music and remains a strong force in the underground scene.

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November 30, 2016 2:02pm ET by Matt Caldwell PR  

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