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Matt Cardle reveals love of skateboarding

Matt Cardle has revealed a surprising hobby - skateboarding.

The 2010 X Factor winner is perhaps best known for his love of strumming the guitar and his roots in painting and decorating, but he told the Mirror that he's a keen skateboarder.

He revealed that he often goes out in London on his board at the weekends, with the city's urban landscape his playground for the day. He said:

"I usually go out on my skateboard on Saturdays but if I’m in a bit of a state I will leave it. I go down London's South Bank, under the bridges, or sometimes up into the Square Mile because it’s usually deserted over the weekend."

He also spoke of how a member of the public once spotted him out skateboarding, with the episode ending in a broken wing mirror. He added:

"I was in East London when a car pulled up and a guy shouted: 'Matt, what the hell are you doing on a skateboard?' I shouted back: 'I'm a skateboarder,' and held my board up. When the car drove past, my board knocked his wing mirror right off!"




Watch the video for Matt Cardle's 'Amazing' below: