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McFly's Harry Judd admits he's not ready to get married

McFly's dancing star, Harry Judd, has revealed that although he feels ready to marry his girlfriend he doesn't want to rush into such a commitment.

The 'Shine A Light' hitmaker explained to New! magazine that he's been with Izzy Johnston for around 6 years now and while he thinks she's the one he won't hurry along with a proposal:

"She's almost two years older than me and she's always wanted to do it. She knows what I want and I know what she wants and we work well together. I'm not saying to her, 'You're going to have to wait 10 years,' it's not like that. She knows that I'm very keen, too, one day."

Judd also revealed that as a couple they've had their ups and downs, but have always managed to patch things up and added:

"We'd had our problems and we hadn't seen each other for four or five months when she came over (to his house) unexpectedly. I was on my way out with friends and there she was, outside, upset. She was just standing there and it was sort of romantic."




"From then we patched it up. Sometimes you have a break and you're not sure what's going to happen, but as soon as you see them, you just know. I knew we'd get back together and, two weeks later, we pretty much were."

Watch behind-the-scenes footage from Judd's 2011 solo cover photoshoot for Attitude magazine below: