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McFly talk about "natural progression" of their new album

McFly have revealed that their next studio album will be self-produced and the idea feels like "a very natural progression".

Speaking to, the popular group explained that the musical direction of their new record will be entirely their own and they want to create something based on their own preferences, without the imput of executives or outside influences:

"It will be the first album where it's 100 per cent exactly how we envision the album to be. It doesn't feel like a shift in direction like the last album. It doesn't feel like a conscious change. It just feels like a very natural progression. It feels like what we should be doing."

"I think it just felt like at the time it would be good for us to progress somehow and try something new. It's important for it to feel fresh for the band as well and for it to keep being exciting."




Watch an entertaining interview with the McFly lads below: