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McFly admit that 'Party Girl' sounds like a 'bad version of a Lady Gaga song'

Pop rockers McFly have revealed that 'Above The Noise' is their least favourite album and criticised the record's lead single.

Speaking to Digital Spy, the group explained that they wanted to try a new musical direction, but it ended up being something they weren't too keen on:

"We thought we'd try something really drastic and try a completely different producer from a different genre of music. Universal heard a couple of demos and said they were interested in re-signing us. They set us up with Dallas Austin and we recorded the whole album with him. It was a great experience and it was fun to shake things up a bit."

Member Harry Judd confessed that 'Party Girl' represented everything they didn't really like about the album and they originally had no intention of releasing it as a stand-alone single:

"If it was up to us we would have released 'If U Seek Kate' as the first single. None of us wanted to release 'Party Girl'. It didn't even cross our minds that it would have been a single. It was like a bad version of a Lady GaGa song. Looking back, it really wasn't us."




Watch the lads' video for 'Love Is Easy' here: