Singer heads back into the studio

Lily Rose Cooper is heading back into the studio to continue recording new songs she has written over the past few months.

The singer, previously known as Lily Allen, recently tweeted that she was working on new songs. She has now booked further studio time to develop these songs and to work on even newer material. There are no release dates set for Lily's new music, but anything she releases in the future will appear under her married name of 'Lily Rose Cooper'.

Lily said today, 'It's great to work at my own pace, with no commitments other than to make music. I'm excited to be heading back into the studio.'

In 2009, the writer/performer announced that she was stepping back from touring, having toured solidly for four years. At the time, she also announced that she had no immediate plans to make another record. Since then she has married, had her first baby, started her own successful record label, created the clothing business Lucy In Disguise, and seen her track 'Who'd Have Known?' become a huge hit in the US for T-Pain, under the title '5 O'Clock'.

August 2, 2012 5:42pm by Murray Chalmers PR   Comments (0)

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