After achieving success and touring in both the UK and US with hit boyband The Scheme, lead singer Kristofer James is now going solo. With an array of original self-written tracks, dashing good looks and charming personality Kristofer James is set to be what everyones talking about this 2018. 

We took five minutes to sit down and have a chat with Kris. 

Are you looking forward to being solo?

Well I was solo before I was in the scheme so I’m super excited to be able to get back there and do music that is totally from me and what’s happening in my life right now. It will be slightly weird as obviously I’ve been on stage with two other for 5 years.

Are you nervous?

I am slightly nervous obviously going out with a whole new sound from before is kinda daunting!! But I’m confident that everyone will love what is about to be put out there.  Writing songs to make people happy so if they feel happy when they listen to it hen my job is done and I’m a happy lad!!

What is the inspiration behind your new music?

well the break up of the band and a few past relationships. Also a lot of the new material is about going out enjoying life and just having a good time. I’ve tried to make the songs as relatable as possible so everyone is involved when listening. 

What producers are you working with?

Well when I was in the band we got the opportunity to work with John fields which blew my mind coz he is a Jedi in the producer world. Right now am still demoing my tracks but my new production company are gonna reach out to him to see if he is up for doing the first few singles. If he agrees then the tracks are gonna blow!! Fingers crossed hey!! Let’s hope  he see this 

When will the album be out?

Well The new deal I have doesn’t talk about a album as such yet! However I will definitely be releasing a few tracks this year with the possibility of releasing a full album next year. Will you be touring 
I certainly will. Hopefully from Aug-sept. My agent is looking in to who is the best match for me. I suppose it will all depend on the music that is being released. I’m totally excited to do it tho. I love touring and meeting everyone. It’s such a buzz traveling all over the country and playing awesome venues.  

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