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Harry Styles' SeaWorld comments made a huge impact

Recent research done by the investment bank Credit Suisse has shown that One Direction's very own Harry Styles may have done more damage to the already tarnished reputation of SeaWorld than the 2013 documentary 'Blackfish'. 

SeaWorld has been under fire for the past few years for a variety of shocking reasons, and back in July Styles urged fans to boycott SeaWorld during a concert in San Diego. 

Credit Suisse has now confirmed that Styles' remarks contributed to a 400% spike in mentions and a 13% increase in negative commentary month-over-month. An analyst for the bank told The Independent:

"Perhaps we need to get a little more current on the latest boy bands; however, while this could negatively impact [SeaWorld’s] core demographic in San Diego, we don’t believe it's too late for [SeaWorld] to rectify its brand impairment issues."

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