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Zayn Malik's mum says fans ask her for permission to marry her son

Zayn Malik's mum has revealed that she often gets fans asking her for permission to marry the One Direction star.

Speaking to the Mirror about life as One Direction mother, Tricia Brannan said that she gets recognised in public now as Zayn's mum and revealed that lengths that some fans go to to try and get close to the singer. Speaking about life as Zayn Malik's mum, Brannan said:

"My life hasn't changed dramatically. I still do things I always did. But the thing that's changed is I'm known as Zayn's mum and get recognised. It's flattering but scary sometimes. I was in Wolverhampton when me and my daughter had to be removed by security as it looked like we'd be mobbed."

She continued: "When Zayn tweets that he’s coming home, girls come and stand at the gate. Fans ask me for permission to marry him but he can choose his own Mrs. When he leaves home I cry at the gate and he says, 'Mum! I'm not going to war!'. A driver comes for him and I have to stand there and wave back at him. I go to London a lot and do all his washing."

Brannan concluded: "I don't expect Zayn to text me all the time, but I text him 'night night son' and he texts back 'love you mum'. Being the first UK band to get a debut album to number one in America was amazing. I had quite a few tears in my eyes."




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