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One Direction's Niall Horan pokes fun at Olly Murs' age

One Direction star Niall Horan has indulged in some Twitter japery with Olly Murs, poking fun at his age.

Murs is celebrating his 28th birthday today (May 14) - but Horan quipped that it was probably actually his 35th.

Horan's One Direction and Murs are heading out on tour soon in America and Horan added that he's looking forward to life on the road. He said:

"Happy birthday mate... what are ya 35? ahaha.. not too long now til america, gona be great on the road bro..."

The Irishman meanwhile also tweeted former X Factor colleague Cher Lloyd, suggesting that they meet up in the States. He said:

"Cher bear!how are ya? hows things in the states?we might cross paths at some stage soon..gotta meet up."




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