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One Direction back Greenpeace Arctic campaign

One Direction have lent their support to a campaign run by Greenpeace to help conserve the Arctic.

The environmental group are hoping to convince the United Nations to call the region a sanctuary, ending oil exploration and unsustainable fishing in the area.

They are launching a petition to rally support for the cause, which will then be planted on the Arctic sea bed once completed.

Stars such as One Direction and Sir Paul McCartney have added their names to the cause, whilst actor Robert Redford has also signed up.

Speaking about the campaign, executive director of Greenpeace International Kumi Naidoo said:

"The Arctic is coming under assault, and needs people from around the world to stand up and demand action to protect it. A ban on offshore oil drilling and unsustainable fishing would be a huge victory against the forces ranged against this precious region and the four million people who live there."




Watch One Direction being interviewed below: