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One Direction's Niall Horan on Justin Bieber friendship and being a couch potato

One Direction star Niall Horan has spoken about his blossoming friendship with megastar Justin Bieber.

The pair have been spending time together recently - first in the US as the British boyband hit America for the MTV VMAs on September 6 and then in London this week.

Speaking to the Mirror, Horan said that he finds it hard to believe that he has become "good friends" with people like the Canadian hitmaker. He said:

"Every day I wake up and think is this all a dream. It's just impossible to believe I've become good friends with some stars like Justin Bieber. I would call Justin a friend, someone I hang out with. It's really weird. I was on Skype to my friend the other night and Justin was with me. My friends were loving it."

The 'What Makes You Beautiful' star meanwhile opened up on what he likes to do on days off - not much, it seems. Horan said:

"I just sit on the couch – like I've done for the past three or four days in London. I only left the house once to go and buy a bottle of water. I just sat there, playing my guitar, putting my feet on the table and watching television. The other boys, they like to get out. But because our lives are running at 1,000 miles an hour I try to bring it back down. When I have time off, all I want to do is do nothing."




Watch Niall Horan sing with Olly Murs below: