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One Direction say Robbie Williams can join the band

One Direction have revealed that the door is always open for Robbie Williams to join the band.

As previously reported, Williams recently clarified reports that he disliked the British pop group and said he was actually jealous that he wasn't part of the group as they become global icons.

One Direction were told about the Take That man's thoughts by Capital FM and said, perhaps with tongue slightly in cheek, that Williams can join them whenever he wants. Liam Payne said:

"That is amazing. We are actually massive fans of Robbie Williams. And after singing on the show with him and stuff."

Louis Tomlinson said: "He can join us anytime. [The] invitation is there."

Zayn Malik meanwhile chimed in: "He can join whenever he wants - he knows that. It's cool."




Watch One Direction's new video for 'Live While We're Young' below: