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Niall Horan’s mother: 'One Direction are well-looked after'

Niall Horan’s mother says she has few worries about her son’s welfare because the band are so well-looked after.

Maura Horan told The Irish Sun that she’s seen first-hand at how One Direction, who this week unveiled their new single, 'Live While We’re Young,' have such a great team behind them:

“I can see how well looked after he is. I see it in England and I saw it in America when I was with him. You just have no worries that way when it comes to him being in danger.

“The other mothers have no worries like that either with the rest of the lads. They have such a great security team around them.

“All of the lads are looked after very well which is great as it means us mothers can sleep at night.”

But Maura added that she does occasionally have some concerns over how her son would cope if the group's bubble of success burst:

“The only thing I am worried about is hopefully there will be a long period at the top. The comedown from that I am a little bit worried about.

“It’s always in the back of your mind — you are up there on a high and it’s a big drop after that.”


Watch the video for 'Live While We're Young' below: