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Paloma Faith says The Voice edited out the "realistic" advice she gave as a guest judge

Songstress Paloma Faith has spoken out about her guest judging spot on The Voice UK and revealed that the show's editors cut out important pieces of advice she gave to the contestants.

The star was invited to appear on an episode of the new talent competition back in April and spoke frankly to the aspiring singers about how hard it can be to retain creative freedom in a money-driven industry, but revealed to the Evening Standard that chunks of what she told them were cut from the final edit:

"They said we were friends (Faith and the judges) but we had never met before. (The opportunity) came through them contacting my people, who said, 'Do you want to do it?' And I said, 'Yeah, but can I say what I really feel?' But they just edited it out. I think I was maybe a bit too realistic."

"I was doing a lot of talking about how you shouldn't really worry about this and I don't really believe in competing in art because it's subjective, so some people think you're amazing but some people won't - all that kind of normal human stuff that they don't promote on that show."




Faith took to social networking site Twitter this afternoon (May 11) and added that while parts of the show were cut, it's nothing too dramatic and doesn't change the dynamic of the programme or contest:

"I think you are being dramatic! I said it was edited down."

Watch her music video for 'Picking Up The Pieces' below: