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Paloma Faith: "Dressing up gives me confidence"

Paloma Faith has revealed that she turns to dressing up if she is in need of a boost.

Speaking to Look magazine, the singer said that if she has just gone through a breakup, then "power dressing" helps to give back her confidence.

She also uses the tactic in "confrontational situations", making her feel like she is going into battle. She said:

"Power dressing is a big thing for me. If I'm going into a confrontational situation, I'll make a real effort of if I've just split up with someone, I'll dress up to the nines. It gives me confidence, like I'm going in to battle. As a teenager, I was always trying to fit in and failed miserably. I wore what was considered trendy but it didn't suit me."

Faith meanwhile also spoke about her body, saying that her abs are the result of training as a dancer and also "muscle memory" she said:

"People always say my abs are amazing. I'm 26 and I trained as a dancer from the age of four and luckily I'm blessed with muscle memory so my midriff takes care of itself. I started wearing stockings when I worked at Agent Provocateur and I've never got out of the habit. I wear what I feel confident in and dress for myself rather than for a man. But I'm not saying I don't enjoy appreciation from men, it's nice to feel attractive."




Watch Paloma Faith's 'Picking Up The Pieces' below: