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Paloma Faith reveals unusual birthday gift that caused a 'moral dilemma'

Songstress Paloma Faith has revealed that an unusual birthday present recently left her with a bit of a moral dilemma on her hands.

In an interview with Britain's Independent Radar magazine, the 'Picking Up The Pieces' beauty explained that to celebrate her 27th birthday on July 21 she was given a live Dove, but was concerned for the bird's well-being and became worried at the thought of it trying to fend for itself in the wild:

"I went for a meal with friends and one of them gave me a live dove as a present. My friend said I was the freest person she's ever met, and she wanted to set the dove free with me."

"But then there was this moral dilemma and it was like being in a stage play because it turned out the dove was born in captivity and some people thought it would die. In the end this friend of mine... took it home and he's looking after it."

Earlier this afternoon (July 31), she took to social networking site Twitter to share some behind-the-scenes photos from her recent video shoot for '30 Minute Love Affair' and one is pictured below.




Watch her latest music video below: