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Pete Doherty reveals ambition to enter Eurovision

Pete Doherty has admitted he would love to compete in the Eurovision Song Contest.

The 33-year-old, who this week spoke out about his friendship with the late Amy Winehouse, told French magazine L’Officiel that he has even got an entry already lined up for the historic competition:

"I was saying to this bird the other night, 'I would love to do Eurovision'. She was going 'Nah, it's really tacky', but fuck that. I would love to do it and I would love to win it for England. I've got the song."

The controversial singer then appeared to switch allegiances when told it’s ‘tacky to say it’s tacky’ by the interviewer, declaring: "Fuck it, let's get in the Eurovision. Actually, I would like to enter on behalf of France."

The former Libertines frontman is not the first indie artist to be linked with Eurovision, with both Morrissey and Jarvis Cocker rumoured to have been in talks about penning the UK entry in recent years. 




Watch the video for Pete Doherty's last solo single, 'Broken Love Song,' below: