Engrave LTD present Partition 1 EP w/ Enzo Elia & Jepe

Enzo Elia, Jepe - Partition 1 EP
Out October 27th on Engrave Ltd 

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Every so often two separate entities come together in such a seamless way that it is nearly impossible to imagine that they ever existed independent of each other. Such is the work of Enzo Elia and Jepe on Partition 1 EP, the latest release from Engrave Ltd. The two artists split this EP with Enzo Elia taking the first two tracks and Jepe the latter two, yet the stylistic similarities between the two artists render Partition 1 EP a cohesive whole with enigmatic moods and complex rhythms at its core.

Black Birthday and Turks Do It Better by Enzo Elia start off Partition 1 EP with chill techno with a nostalgic sci-fi flair. Black Birthday revolves around the constrained resonance of a tight beat layered with other-worldly synths reminiscent of a Theremin. Turks Do It Better continues the vaguely unsettling mood of Black Birthday with its offset percussive layers and sparse vocal samples. 

Solomun playing Enzo Elia ft. DJ Cash at Aterlife closing party, Privilege Ibiza

Jepe achieves the same effect in the next track, Treptow, whose throbbing synth and gradually modulating circling melody hold the listener in static apprehension until the tension resolves into a lively dance beat. Rounding off the EP, The Return echos Enzo Elias’ emphasis on percussion in Turks Do It Better. The heavy bass, smooth, long synth notes and fast-paced layered rhythm weave in and out of each other, revealing new features of the music at every moment. Marvel at the subtle complexity of Enzo Elias and Jepe in Partition 1 EP.

Partition 1 EP will be available on October 27th on Engrave Ltd.

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