Nico Tamburella releases 'Mind Cage'

Taking the spotlight on his most accomplished and heaviest offering to date, 'Mind Cage' sees guitar virtuoso Nico Tamburella's long-standing passion and skill explore a rich variety of influences and landscapes through 11 intricately crafted songs. With an immense sound that's crisp without being clinical, listeners can expect a mind-boggling journey with a Machine Head meets Chickenfoot modern metal feel, visiting shredding blues that would appeal to fans of Bonamassa and Clapton through to neoclassical runs that would have Satriani and Malmsteen fans double take – all without losing that emotional touch and that makes Nico such a unique player. It's a dark, eclectic, heavy-hitting rock opus destined to turn heads across the broad spectrum of rock, metal and blues.


No stranger to modern music, Nico's career is as established as his reputation as one of the most accomplished players of our time. His most recent project, Nico's Alchemy and 2009's 'Fundamental Darkness' gained him a great deal of praise for his abilities and forward thinking song-writing from industry standards such as Guitar Techniques Magazine, Powerplay, and The American, and even from Iron Maiden's legendary frontman Bruce Dickinson on his BBC Radio One show. In addition to being named album of the month in several publications, 'Fundamental Darkness' was included in many 2010 albums of the year lists.


Rounding out the record is the speaker transcending vocals of Geoff Paice, using his angry Chris Cornell stylings to deliver Nico's politically charged lyrics with forays into the darkest aspects of the human psyche. Holding down the rhythm section is the hard-hitting, creative chops of drummer Gianluca Tamburella with an appearance from live bassist Danni Stanner. Masterfully executed, infectiously groovy and one hundred per cent kick ass, 'Mind Cage' has something for everyone and can easily be characterised as the pinnacle of a determined and impressive career.


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