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Rebecca Ferguson wants to collaborate with Kanye West

Rebecca Ferguson has revealed that Kanye West is high on her collaboration wishlist, alongside the likes of Tracy Chapman and Kings of Leon.

The singer opened up to the Official Charts Company about working with other artists, but she said doesn't want any "naff" collaborations purely coined to shift records.

When asked about how her latest album 'Superwoman' has no collaborations, Ferguson said: "It was suggested to me but I didn't want it too feel forced. I didn't feel right to pursue it. Like, 'the album is nearly done, who can we get to feature on it?' The only people I really want to collaborate with are Tracy Chapman, Kings of Leon, Kanye West would be amazing.

"I don't want to feature people on it just to up album sales. I think that's a bit naff. If it doesn't feel right, I can't perform it well so there has got to be a genuine connection. Just because someone is doing well, it doesn't mean I want to get them on it."

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