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Rebecca Ferguson: 'My hard times are hopefully someone else's blessing'

To achieve four top ten albums as a young star is quite extraordinary, but then at just 30 years of age, Rebecca Ferguson is no ordinary young star.

The UK's highly acclaimed soul singer and songwriter, who's rapidly becoming the nation's sweetheart, released her latest offering to the world, 'Superwoman,' earlier this year in October. She has also just completed a UK and European tour promoting it, whilst still managing to raise three children.

In a BBC One hour-long special this morning, Fern Britton Meets..., the UK TV presenter, Fern Britton, met up with the soulstress.

They talked about Rebecca's childhood, being in a care home, fame, struggles, highs and lows of the music industry, faith in God, Paris, and future dreams - including finding love.

The presenter also addressed her initial naivety as a star when she was taken advantage of by a woman who was a family friend, claiming to be handling her finances. The woman became the gatekeeper to the star, but turned out to be a criminal, who conned her out of an astounding amount of money and destroyed her trust in others.

One would expect that after experiencing such trials and tribulations, you might end up bitter. However, by stark contrast, Rebecca Ferguson, who has already shown us her incredible resilience, admits that her continual faith still gets her through the worst.

On the woman who conned her, she admitted:
"I found myself missing the person I thought she was, which was really sad, 'cos she used to say: 'You know what, Rebecca, people have hurt you, but I want you to know I'm good and not everyone's bad,' and I remember her having tears in her eyes. She played a good game."

"I feel I get a lot of trials thrown at me and people read the papers about me and think, 'God, that girl has been through a lot. How does she keep getting hurt?' Everything that I have been through, my hard times have ended up being a blessing for someone else. I don't begrudge it. I don't look back and think, 'I wish that hadn't happened.' I look back and think, actually maybe someone will be going through that and I'll be able to speak wisdom."

The UK singer-songwriter also took a trip down memory lane to when she had first visited New York in her earlier years, telling Fern that she had actually contemplated giving up on a singing career at one stage because her dreams of succeeding seemed so far away at the time. 

Rebecca's close brother, Sam; her right-hand man and long-term pal, Lee Craig; classical musician and TV presenter, Myleene Klass; vocal coach and singer, Yvie Burnett; and producer and composer, Troy Miller, also appeared on the hour-long special.

When asked about her latest album, 'Superwoman,' Rebecca replied:
"I learnt about self love and have hopefully gone on to create something to inspire other women and help people."  

FERN: "What are your thoughts on fame?"
"You can't get lost in it. It's a fickle industry. It can eat you up and chew you. And spit you right back out. So I try and stay as grounded as I can."

As the interview drew to a close, the conversation turned to the inevitable topic that most women chat about.

FERN: "And what do you see in the future?"
"I'd love to settle down. I'd love to get married. I'd love to have more kids, when I'm settled down, though. I'd like to go back to America. I'd like to tour there again. I've got charity ambitions that I'd like to do in the future as well."

FERN: "What's the best Christmas present you could wish for? Something just for you?" 
REBECCA: "Love would be nice. To meet someone lovely, that would be the best perfect Christmas present."

There is no denying Rebecca Ferguson is a remarkable vocalist and her career to-date is already awe-inspiring, despite the odds being stacked against her in the past. However, we have a sneaky suspicion that her career ahead is set for international acclaim. After all, the legendary Lionel Richie did introduce her on his show once as "The Voice".

You can buy 'Superwoman' on Amazon and iTunes now.

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