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Rihanna, Taylor Swift pledge support to Kony 2012 campaign

The likes of Rihanna and Taylor Swift have given their support to a viral campaign which aims to publicise the wrongdoings of a guerilla group leader in Uganda.

A documentary called Kony 2012 has been launched by action group Invisible Children, aiming to draw attention to Ugandan Joseph Kony, who is said to kindnap children and force them into his army.

The film says the children are trained to kill and often are instructed to murder their parents.

And Rihanna and Taylor Swift took to their respective Twitter pages to spread the word and the link to the video. Rihanna tweeted:

"PLEASE go to Even if its 10 minutes... Trust me, you NEED to know about this! #1LOVE."

Taylor Swift meanwhile said: ""At the end of my life, I want to say that the world we've left behind is......a place where children, no matter where they live, can have a childhood free from fear."




Watch the film below: