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Rihanna loves James Franco's 'You Da One' lip sync video

Rihanna has revealed her love of a lip sync video actor James Franco posted online of one of her songs.

Franco, who has starred in films such as Pineapple Express, uploaded the video of him lip syncing along to Rihanna's hit track 'You Da One'.

Speaking to MTV, Rihanna said that she "cried laughing" at the clip - but didn't even realise it was him singing her song at first. She said:

"I love James Franco. Someone sent this to me via Twitter, and I watched that. I cried laughing."

She added: "First of all, I didn't recognize that it was him like that, and then I didn't recognize it was him singing my song. And it was kind of cool because I'm a huge fan of James Franco, so it was dope to know that he even knew my record."

Franco meanwhile recently revealed that he had been asked to appear in the video for Rihanna's smash hit song 'We Found Love', but schedules seemingly got in the way.




Watch Rihanna's new video for 'Where Have You Been' below: